Among her many noteworthy titles and positions, Dr. Pat is president of Pat Francis Ministries, a missions and humanitarian organization with international influence for teaching, empowering and helping people to move from sickness or survival to success. She is president of Acorn to Oak Youth Services which helps “at risk” youth and young adults in need of academic, social, and judicial help. Dr. Pat believes that knowledge is power and with a team of gifted educators has developed the Kingdom Covenant Academy (Preschool to Junior School); Kingdom Covenant Collegiate (High School) and Kingdom Covenant Leadership Institute (Leadership and Bible school) with specialized programs that foster a “0-failure Culture”! Compassion for the Poor [CFP], the humanitarian arm of Pat Francis Ministries, assists communities in missions-relief help to the poor, orphanages, and medical centres. CFP also provides conferences for teaching and training people with a compassionate vision to eradicate systemic poverty and create solutions for systemic prosperity.

She is a member of the Women‟s Presidents‟ Organization, a membership organization of High Profile women and top CEOs with multimillion dollar companies across North America. And she is also a member of the Canadian Council of Christian Churches.

In addition to being a purposeful academic with a doctorate in Divinity and Psychotherapy Counseling, Dr. Pat has been honored with several awards both in Canada and the US for her many initiatives and programs that provide solutions for youth and the community. In 2004, she was a awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the US Senate of New Orleans and in 2005 she received a Civic Award from the City of Mississauga. In 2008, Dr. Pat was appointed to the United Nations through a Non-Government Organization [NGO] with influence as a Transformational Activist to deal with humanitarian issues, systemic poverty and, in partnership with world leaders, help children and families at risk. She currently works with developing nations with initiatives for economic and industrial development. Dr. Pat travels the globe sharing the life-transforming message of hope and power as an international conference speaker. Her message of empowerment and self-enterprise has impacted millions of lives across the world. She is also host of the weekly Television Program, “Good News with Pat Francis” which airs across Canada and other nations impacting millions.

Dr. Pat possesses a unique ability and gift to engage with all people regardless of their status or station in life. With great humility she draws them to believe in the transforming power of God. Together they become empowered to work alongside her to Change Lives and Impact Generations. She is also the Founding Pastor of Kingdom Covenant Ministries [KCM], formerly Deeper Life Christian Ministries, a multi-cultural Christian organization with over 3000 weekly attendees headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


Historically, many of our great social transformers had their sense of purpose and passion undergirded by their Christian faith. Several of our Ivy League universities (such as Harvard, Princeton and Yale) were established on a Christian foundation. more...

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